• Learn the basics of music
  • Listen differently than you have before
  • See what music does to you

How to Enjoy Music

Break Boundaries


As you go about your day-to-day business, you probably hear more music than you even notice. Whether it's in ads, the background of a noisy restaurant, or drifting from cars going by. How often do you consider that a century ago, or even just fifty years ago, there were only a few genres to choose from? Today, as with almost everything else, we are overwhelmed with choices. Why not take advantage of them?

Listen to it


A much more common and direct way to discover new sounds: just listen to the stuff. Considering all the time and opportunities we have every day to listen to some music, taking three or four minutes to listen to a new song is an easy way to experiment with other genres and discover new musical tastes. The opportunities grow every day as new songs and genres continue to be born.

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Learn it


One of the simplest ways to appreciate music, that's often overlooked, is simply to understand it! Most people at one time or another will say in passing, “I wish I could play that,” while listening to a guitar riff or piano solo. At its most basic, music is really not that complicated to learn. Picking up an instrument as a hobby, or learning a little music theory, could make a world of difference.

Live it


It happens all the time. You see a movie you really enjoy, one where the music really sticks out, and wonder, “Where's the soundtrack to my life?” And for the next few days, you're humming tuneless little bars of music to yourself at every different thing you do, making it all more exciting than it really is. It's all right, that's supposed to happen. Every tune has a place in life!